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Your Journey to GDPR Compliance Series – Episode 7

Episode Seven – Consent   If I am in hospital about to have an operation, I will have a reasonable understanding of how I came to be there.  The surgeon … + Read More

Your Journey to GDPR Compliance Series – Episode 8

Episode  Eight – Children   The issue of Children within the GDPR is one which we should all be acutely aware of.  The GDPR contains very little guidance specific to … + Read More

Journey to GDPR Compliance Series – Episode 6

  Episode  Six – Basis for Processing Data   Why do you process data? We don’t!  you may cry, we just write the address down that the customer gives us, … + Read More

Four Common GDPR Myths

We’re nearing the deadline of the implementation of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – which is 25 May 2018 – for those of you who may have forgotten. As you … + Read More

How to Overcome Data Growth Challenges

Data is growing by leaps and bounds, and organisations need to invest in new hardware, software, and skills if they want to keep up. According to Forbes, “worldwide revenues for … + Read More

Your Journey to GDPR Compliance Series – Episode 5

Episode 5 – Subject Access Requests   On the 25th May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulations will come into force, effecting millions of businesses across Europe.  The GDPR … + Read More

Your Journey to GDPR Compliance Series – Episode 4

Episode 4 – Individual Rights   The new European General Data Protection Regulations build upon the rights already afforded to citizens in the UK Data Protection Act 1998.  In this … + Read More

Your Journey to GDPR Compliance Series – Episode 3

EPISODE 3 – Communicating Privacy Information   Any UK company which collected and /or process personal data has had an obligation under the Data Protection Act 1998 to provide people … + Read More

Four Things To Consider When Decommissioning Legacy Systems

Legacy applications are obsolete and of little value to a business – but they have to be maintained to reference historical data which is often required to meet compliance regulations. … + Read More

Your Journey to GDPR Compliance – Episode 2

Episode 2: What information do you hold?   In our previous article on the GDPR we discussed the need to ensure that decision makers and key people within a company … + Read More

Your Journey towards GDPR Compliance Series

On the 25th May 2018 the GDPR became law across Europe and some of the most sweeping changes to the rules governing the way our data is handled, used and … + Read More

Announcement – Proceed supporting SAP businesses in Asia Pacific

It is with great pleasure that Proceed are announcing the extension of our operations into India serving the needs and demands of our SAP Customers. Transforming Proceed Group into a … + Read More

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