What is RISE with SAP?

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022

Proceed team

In today’s world, businesses that thrive are those that react quickly to change – both good and bad. Every business strives to find new ways of becoming more agile, more intelligent, and more efficient. This means adopting new technologies, addressing the disconnect between departments and re-designing more modern, cross-functional business processes.

To support the business transformation journey, SAP’s intelligent enterprise solutions offer the framework for businesses to consistently apply advanced technologies and best practices within agile, integrated business processes. SAP customers are embracing this initiative, and to help kickstart this journey and accelerate transformation, SAP launched RISE with SAP.

This guide to RISE with SAP further explains what it is and provides insight on how it can support enterprise businesses to become truly intelligent enterprises.

So, what is RISE with SAP?

SAP describes RISE with SAP as a business transformation-as-a-service offering. Together with SAP’s strong ecosystem of partners, they are guiding enterprise businesses on their journey to the cloud, specifically tailored to that business’s needs.

Moving to the cloud for greater agility and responsiveness is a core part of the package, but RISE with SAP’s main goal is to deliver tangible results. The aim is to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and deliver a faster time to value, all without a high upfront investment. The solution centres around three core elements:

  1. Business process redesign – tailored recommendations through a deep analysis of existing processes, benchmarked against industry standards.
  2. S/4HANA cloud technical migration, implementation and management – using SAP’s tools and services to support the journey to the cloud and technical management thereafter, enhanced by their global outcome-driven partners.
  3. Building of the intelligent enterprise – core IT modernisation with continuous process evolution, including infrastructure-as-a-service options, and packaged applications and extensions.

How can RISE with SAP support migration to S/4HANA? 

SAP S/4HANA enables companies to deliver a competitive customer and user experience by using cutting edge technology, such as AI and automation. A choice between the SAP S/4HANA cloud and on-premise solution is available, however, with today’s demand for rapid business change and scale, a cloud operating model tends to be the preferred choice. 

It is important to note that migrating to S/4HANA is a complex process that can impact a business’s infrastructure, not to mention the number of data related aspects that need to be considered. The implementation method must be specific to that business and therefore a substantial evaluation is needed. 

This is where RISE with SAP comes in. With SAP’s tools, services, and global partners, it removes the challenges of migration and simplifies the path to SAP S/4HANA by packaging the whole journey into a single offering. 

What types of businesses should consider RISE with SAP?

RISE with SAP is ideal for businesses that are yet to start their digital transformation journey, moving to the cloud from SAP ECC 6.0 or SAP S/4HANA on-premise, as well as those that are new to SAP. 

Customers can eliminate existing architecture and implementations restraints and start afresh. As part of the ‘business process redesign’ element, they will discover new opportunities for business process improvements. 

New SAP customers, embarking on a greenfield migration, will also benefit from the simplified guided path to transformation available. 

What is the difference between RISE with SAP and S/4HANA cloud? 

S/4HANA cloud forms part of the RISE with SAP solution. SAP offers the S/4HANA public cloud deployment options and the S/4HANA cloud private edition, which offers greater flexibility and control. 

RISE with SAP is built upon this cloud operating model with additional services, including infrastructure, migration tools and services as well as the Business Network Starter Pack, which facilitates connections with suppliers, carriers, and assets. 

How should businesses approach RISE with SAP?

SAP is a trusted enterprise application provider and RISE with SAP brings together everything a business needs to transform towards the intelligent enterprise. Moving to the cloud, a core element of this solution, presents businesses with an ideal opportunity to review their existing data footprint and decide what really needs to be taken across. 

Businesses need to streamline their database sizes to address the costs of storing substantial amounts of data in the cloud, but for many, historical data must be retained for regulatory purposes. 

The modern approach is to appoint a data management expert to ‘rightsize’ your SAP data and IT landscape first. 

Here at Proceed Group, before the start of any migration project, we would usually provide a combination of services, such as SAP data archiving and SAP and non-SAP legacy system decommissioning, to speed up migration, lower overall costs, and eradicate the burden of supporting old legacy systems. As well as on-going support through our Proceed Archiving Service to keep your database size growth to a minimum.

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